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  The Snowflake, Arizona area has been my home now for 28 years. It's like any other place, and yet like no other place, to live and raise a family. I believe that the 'good' aspects of this area far outweigh the 'not so good'.
  It seems that politics keep things stirred up wherever you are. Politics here are interesting, and fairly lively at times. Power and control are the goals, as it is anywhere. With all I've seen, I think that the Snowflake area has some unique challenges to face on the political front. That said, I also believe that this area has what it takes to achieve something incredible in that arena. Time will tell. Combining Snowflake and Taylor into one town, named 'Snowflake', is only the logical next step.  If/when completed, the event will give Snowflake's leadership, both elected and not, a clear path to domination of Navajo County politics, and everything that goes along with it. It may all hinge on a vote by the people of Taylor, and, of course, Snowflake, Az. I believe the odds are that the towns will merge as 'Snowflake' at some point, due to the politics involved. While it did not happen in the March 9, 2010 election, I expect the subject to reappear in time.

  The Town of Snowflake is a tourist destination, with many interesting cultural and historical features. You can check out the official Town of Snowflake website for more information using the link on this page. The Town of Taylor is very relevant to Snowflake, and a link to their website is provided on this page.
   I think that as time passes it will become clear to all that Snowflake is the center of political power in Navajo County, and possibly the whole of Northeastern Arizona. How it claims that title, and holds on to it, should be of interest to a wide range of people.
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